Document Management

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Document Management

Designed specifically to integrate with Microsoft Outlook®, Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® desk-top products, TMS Document Management provides seamless integration with all key Contract Costing data, including Jobs, Customers, Suppliers, Subcontractors, Employees, Stock and Assets.

This allows documents, spreadsheets, presentations, emails (incoming or outgoing) and email attachments to be stored in preconfigured file system locations and linked to all relevant Contract Costing entities.

Files saved into TMS Document Management are accessible by anyone with permission to the appropriate shared network folders. All documents are also immediately indexed within Contract Costing, providing access to these documents, along with all documents produced from within Contract Costing itself (e.g. Sales Invoices, Contract Applications, Purchase Orders, Subcontractor Certificates, etc.), directly from the specific Job, Customer, Supplier, Subcontractor, etc. that the documents were allocated to.

  • Seamless integration with Contract Costing.
  • Operates directly inside Microsoft Office® products.
  • Handles individual incoming and outgoing emails as well as attachments.
  • Documents only stored in well-structured and controlled file system locations.
  • Bespoke document properties based on the type of document.
  • Automatic folder structure creation when new Contract Costing entities are created.