TMS Contract Costing is available either on-premise or hosted directly with TMS in the cloud.

Cloud Hosting

TMS Contract Costing Hosting is available either on-premise or hosted directly with TMS. On-premise systems have traditionally been viewed as the safest option, as it means you are in full control of your hardware and software. However, this is no longer the case. The advent of cloud computing has removed the need for significant capital expenditure on hardware, software licences and infrastructure, all of which continually needed to be upgraded or replaced every 3-5 years and need an in-house IT support team to manage.

Opting for cloud hosing allows you to get up and running quickly with no up-front costs and on an easy to budget pricing structure. Cloud hosting also provides many other benefits over traditional on-premise systems, like: flexibility, scalability, physical security, redundant power and high availability to name a few.

Cloud Hosting
Data Centre

Data Centre

Anyone can take advantage of these benefits by subscribing to services like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, however, these services are still relatively costly. To provide the most affordable solution on the market, TMS decided to heavily invest in our own IT infrastructure instead.

Our hardware is hosted in an air-conditioned datacentre with 24-hour manned security (biometric access required), internal and external CCTV, backup power generators, dual zone fire detection and multiple connections to Tier 1 internet carriers to provide the best possible connection speeds. This allows us to pass cost savings on to our customers whilst still providing the same level of service.

Managed Hosting

However, this is only part of the story. Once you have your servers hosted in the cloud you still need to manage and support them, protect them, and make sure they are backed up – this is where TMS Contract Costing hosting comes in.

All our hosted servers are fully managed and monitored by TMS’s team of highly trained experts.

Each server has first class anti-virus/anti-malware software installed and are all positioned behind a next generation firewall to provide ultimate security and intrusion detection at the packet level.

In addition to being fully backed up using industry leading tools, all backups are automatically transferred to a secure off-site location for further redundancy. In the event of a disaster this allows us to get you back up and running on alternate hardware with a minimum of downtime.

Cloud Security
Virtual Server Setup

Virtual Server Setup

Every customer gets a minimum of 2 dedicated virtual servers (a Domain Controller and a Remote Desktop Server) and this is easily scalable as a customer grows.

Customers with more intense application processing requirements can opt to go with our 3-server configuration: A Domain Controller, a Remote Desktop Server and a dedicated Application Server.

All our servers can be upgraded to the customers’ requirements, whether that is disk space, RAM or even additional virtual servers.

Customers can treat the server as their own, so that if they have any other software that is required by their business, this can also be installed in the hosted environment.

All of this has been deliberately priced well below like for like offerings from Microsoft and Amazon.

Peace of Mind

In today’s ever-changing climate, where remote, flexible working is increasingly more important, this gives hosted customers peace of mind and allows them to concentrate on running their business, 24/7, 365 days a year, from anywhere in the world, whilst TMS take care of everything else.

Contact us to see how affordable it is to change your on-premise system to a fully managed, hosted solution.

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