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An integrated labour module that allows both the entry of timesheets and the functionality to allocate payroll costs later. Employees and their pay rates are entered in your payroll solution and are accessible to TMS Contract Costing so that timesheets can be processed.

Timesheets are posted to the individual jobs and to payroll, so that payslips can be produced. These costs can be posted to the job as a net, gross or charge-out rate, all with an optional overhead recovery percentage.

For UK customers who want the ‘on costs’ from their payroll, such as Employers’ NI and pension contributions, to be apportioned back to the jobs after the payroll run, it’s a simple matter of running the payroll Import. These costs can be automatically apportioned to the correct jobs based on the values that came from each of the timesheet entries.

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  • Rapid timesheet entry.
  • Remote timesheets.
  • Timesheet import.
  • Payroll integration with “On Costs” write-back.
  • Post payroll analysis (to allow allocation of payroll costs after payroll has been processed).
  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4-weekly and monthly pay frequencies.
  • Timesheet approval prior to posting.
  • Employee job charge out rates.
  • Overhead recovery rates.
  • Timesheets can be entered for salaried staff but will not be posted to the Payroll.
  • Web timesheets.