Management Reporting

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Management Reporting

TMS Contract Costing includes a comprehensive suite of reporting tools designed to easily retrieve information from anywhere in the system. The user friendly, customisable interface provides List Views throughout the system so you can look at any data. Where a physical document or report is required, TMS Contract Costing uses the latest, industry standard, embedded Crystal Reports®.

TMS Contract Costing also has state-of-art Dashboards and the TMS Dashboard Designer allows users to create their own, on top of the standard ones provided. TMS Dashboard Designer can also be used to report against other data sources, not just those in TMS Contract Costing.

  • Integrated Crystal Reports®.
  • Customisable list views.
  • Microsoft Excel® integration.
  • Integrated dashboards
  • Integrated business analytics.
  • Ad-hoc on-screen reporting.
  • Dashboards that can be used with other databases (Sage, Syrinx, Estimating, MS Dynamics® etc).