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Purchasing requirements for each contract can be controlled and monitored through TMS Contract Costing Procurement module.

Purchase Orders can be raised as a call-off against a pre-defined Bill of Requirements for a Job, from stock or a generic material list, or as a free text descriptive item. Purchase Orders can also be raised to replenish stock, order external plant or as a nominal posting for overhead expense.

Purchase Orders can require authorisation prior to being printed or e-mailed, through a configurable delegation authority, based on value or expenditure type.

  • Purchase requisitions.
  • Purchase orders.
  • Committed costs.
  • Goods received notes.
  • Direct delivery to site.
  • Purchase invoice & credit note register (with costing).
  • Mailbox monitoring to automatically import purchase invoices/credits received via email.
  • Purchase accruals with automatic reversal.
  • Bill of requirements/Job call-off orders.
  • Purchase order emailing, including related documents and stock specifications.
  • External plant hire.
  • Charge shift patterns for plant hire.
  • Supplier price lists.
  • Multi-currency.
  • Full supplier purchase history.
  • Web GRN’s.