Never Lose a Purchase Invoice Again

Never Lose a Purchase Invoice Again

Dec 16, 2020 | Release

TMS are proud to announce the release of their Office 365 automated purchase invoice mailbox module. This allows anyone with Office 365 to setup a mailbox to receive purchase invoices from their suppliers and these will go straight into the purchase invoice register in TMS Contract Costing.

The system has been designed to cover all scenarios such as multiple attachments, different file types and when no attachments exist, it will bring in the email message as the document. It will also use the incoming email domain to determine who the supplier is. Linking into TMS Document Management, it gives customers a way of automating their accounts payable department without having to implement the full OCR solution.

Contact us to upgrade to the latest version of TMS Contract Costing or find out how TMS Contract Costing can help increase your productivity and grow your business.

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