It’s been a while

It’s been a while

Mar 30, 2023 | Uncategorized

It’s been a while since we last did an update and boy, how have things changed. The UK had 3 Prime Ministers in 3 Months, Scotland has a new First Minister, there is a war in Ukraine and a cost-of-living crisis. It’s been tough for people in and out of the workplace, with both businesses and families feeling the pinch. There have been some high profile construction businesses that haven’t managed to survive these latest pressures.

This said, there have been plenty of success stories too. Many of our customers have been growing, and with that they are looking to use more of their systems to streamline their processes and procedures. Having a flexible product, like Contract Costing, allows them to adapt as their business changes. Whether people are looking to implement new modules, make use of new features or examine their processes, this is where TMS can give expert guidance. With over 40 years of expert industry knowledge, there probably isn’t anything we haven’t seen before!

The TMS product base has been growing with the implementation of more Web Apps to handle Plant Hire, Delivery Notes & Returns from site, and Stock Issue & Transfers. There has also been Mailbox Monitoring added to handle Subcontractors Applications & Invoices. These can now come in automatically to a Subcontractors Invoice Register via email.

2023 has continued at the same pace as previous years and our unprecedented growth doesn’t look like it is going to slow down. We have started upgrading existing customers on older versions and we’d hope to have everyone moved over by the end of the year.

TMS would like to welcome Instrument & Control Services LtdNeptune Building Services LtdL & W Wilson LTD, Wynne Construction Ltd, THREE60 Energy (Renewables) LtdPexhurst Services Ltd to the TMS Family. We look forward to working with you all closely over the coming years. 

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