Web App Module

Web App Module

Sep 28, 2023 | Features

Q4 2023 brings the anticipated release of Contract Costing’s latest Web App Module. We’ve listened to customers old and new as to where their businesses processes could be streamlined and have significantly enhanced our Web App Module accordingly.

New modules include Purchase Orders; Purchase Invoice Authorisation; and Subcontractor Authorisation.

The Web App can run on any device that has a WiFi or mobile data connection and works in real-time. No need to waste time synchronising offline data before the system can be used; all live data is available instantly.

The new Web App Module has the following functionality:
1) Receive goods from a Supplier
2) Return goods to a Supplier
3) Receive plant from a hire company
4) Return plant from to a hire company
5) Transfer plant to another Job
6) Issue stock to a Job
7) Return stock from a Job
8) Adjust quantity held in stock
9) Transfer stock to a different Warehouse/Location
10) Raise new Purchase Orders
11) Purchase Order Authorisation
12) Subcontractor Order Authorisation
13) Purchase invoice Authorisation
14) Subcontractor Invoice Authorisation
15) Subcontractor Certificate Authorisation

There is also a separate Web App for Timesheets and Expenses.

We hope this enhanced Web App Module helps streamline your business processes. If you have any feedback, please get in touch at

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