New Employee – Neil Johnson

New Employee – Neil Johnson

Apr 1, 2020 | Staff, TMS

We are delighted to announce that we have a new employee starting with TMS on the 1st April 2020. Neil Johnson will be working out of the Newcastle area and has come on board to drive our TMS Contract Costing software throughout the UK, Ireland and beyond.

Neil has huge experience in both the construction industry and with Contract Costing specifically. Neil, a qualified CIMA accountant, started implementing Contract Costing in 2002 whilst he was working for a company called Mandata who TMS had engaged as one of our first resellers. During his time at Mandata and his subsequent time working for another of our resellers, TSG, Neil successfully implemented Contract Costing at over 40 companies, making him one of the most experienced Contract Costing implementers in the UK. In 2007 Neil made the move to one of our Contract Costing customers – The Esh Group – where we worked closely with him for 10 years as we developed several of the more advanced features within Contract Costing.

For the last 3 years Neil has been working for one of our competitors, RedSky, implementing their competing products, but is now ready to join TMS and help grow Contract Costing. He has been passionate about Contract Costing for a long time and is really excited about where we can take it in the future, especially with the forthcoming release of the next generation Contract Costing .Net version!

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